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PT. Victoria Prima Perkasa
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Name:Mr. Janto Yusin [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Janto Yusin at Jakarta
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Janto Yusin at Jakarta
Address:Jl. Garuda No.34E, Kemayoran
Jakarta 10610, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Jul. 19, 2011
Last Updated:Jul. 23, 2011
Business Nature:Trade of Industrial Supplies category

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Laboratory Equipment, Glasswares & Chemicals Supplier.

Air / Gas Analysis Acidometers Anemometers Ash Fusion Testers Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers / AAS Autoclaves Balances Barometers Bath Circulators Blenders BOD Incubators BOD Meters Bomb Calorimeters Burettes Chlorofophyll Meters Centrifuges Chart Recorders Chemicals COD Meters Colony Counters Colorimeters Comparators Conductivity Meters Cupels Dehumidifier Density Meters Dispensers DO Meters Dosimeters Dosing Pumps Dust Samplers ECG Educational Tools Evaluation Units Evaporators Extraction Heaters Fermenters / Fermentors Filter Papers Filtrations Flowmeters Force Gauges Freezers Flocculators Fume Hoods Furnaces Jar Testers Glasswares Grinders Hardness Testers Heaters Heating Mantles Homogenizers Hotplates Hydrocarbon Testers Hydrometers Hygrometers Hygro-Thermometers Incubators Ion Meters Iron Meter Lab Jacks Laminar Airflow Cabinets Lux Meters Magnetic Stirrers Manikin Melting Point Apparatuses Microscopes Microtomes Microwave Moisture Analyzers Mixers Moisture Analyzers Moisture Meters Multi Parameters Nebulizers Oil gauging Orbital Shakers Ovens Overhead Stirrers Oxygen Meters Petri Dishes pH Meters pH Transmitters Photometers Pipetting Aids Pipetting Devices Pipettors Plasticwares Polarimeters Porcelainwares Proximate Analyzers Purity of Water Racks Radiation Rapid Test Kits Reagents Refractometers Refrigerating Bath Circulators Saccharimeters Saccharomat Safety Tools Shakers Sieves Soil Analysis Soil Analyzers Soil Compaction Testers Sound Level Meters Spectrophotometers Sterilizers Stirplates Stirrers Stroboscopes Sulfur Analyzers Syringes TDS Meters Tachometers Theodolites Thermometers Thickness Meters Tintometers Total Chlorine Turbidity Meters Ultrasonic Cleaners Ultraviolet Sterilizers Vacuum Pumps Vibration Meters Vibrators Viscometers Viscosity Meters Vortex Mixers Waterbaths Water Distilling Apparatuses Water Purification Water Sampling Water Still Water Test Kits Water Treatments Weighing Bottles Weather Stations Whiteness Testers etc

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